there are no words to express my delight

    I died ….

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  1. So ok.

    ((Ok , well….I have officially been indoctrinated into this…I blame Soundwave and the comic I was left with over the last two weeks. Now so plan for Bot-con and other things. ))

  2. Reblog if you are NOT asexual but you still believe in asexuality


    Please reblog if you are NOT asexual, grey-asexual, or demisexual, but you still believe that it is a legitimate sexual orientation.

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    I’m preparing to come out to my parents

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    Attention Transformers Fandom! One of your own needs your help!

    A fellow fan wishes your help in creating something we can all enjoy; Last Stand of the Wreckers, the movie!

    How can you help? Simply visit my GoFundMe Page and donate! Even if you can only afford $1, your donation will go towards getting the equipment needed to make quality animation and, eventually, help bring this dream into reality! If just half of my followers here on tumblr were to donate a mere $5, my goal will be met in no time at all!

    But wait! That’s not all!

    If you donate a certain amount to this cause, you could be rewarded with having your name placed in the credits, and a few very generous donors have the opportunity to claim a 3D model commission of a single character of your choice!

    But what if you have nothing to give? Don’t sweat it! There will be opportunities to contribute in other ways, including lending your voice to one of the characters of this essential piece of the Transformers legacy!

    And always remember; Reblogging this post and signal boosting this cause is one of the most helpful things you could possibly do for me! You do not need to follow me to get in on this!

    (Oh yeah, and here’s that donation link for ya if you missed it the first time: Click here please!)

    Where can we stay updated about other opportunities to help or on the progress?

    ((The progress is tracked in real-time on the donation page here. The progress is updated within five minutes of any change. As for other opportunities to contribute, mostly voice acting opportunities, will likely come after the money is raised and the computer is built. Once I have at least the basic animation sequences done, I’ll be holding auditions for voice actors. Even if you don’t make the cut for a main character, there are plenty of extra characters that need voices, if only for a death scream. =3 Updates on that will be through this blog (ask-rung) as that’s the one most people follow.))


    my mates lp

    well hot damn…. Some Moutin dew and butterscotch shnopps later… 

  5. doodlevents:

    The last but certainly not least member of the crew. I’ll let them reblog with their own bio again.

    Why is Guile so fun to doodle :3?

    A mix of some old stuff and newer.